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Almost all of the top breast enhancement creams include Pueraria Mirifica as a key ingredient. Any breast cream that does not contain this time honored Thai herb – also known as Kwao Krua – is probably not worth the investment. This tuberous root contains high levels of phytoestrogen. Pueraria Mirifica comes from the northeastern regions of Thailand where it has been faithfully used for hundreds of years in folk medicine for its rejuvenating qualities.

Wild Yam Root – or Mexican Yam – is used more often than any other herb in breast enhancement creams. The root is native to North America and China but grows in wet and humid regions the world over. It has been used for millennia to treat a range of “women’s” conditions from severe menstrual cramps and labor pains to decreased sexual appetite and for breast enhancement.

Fenugreek has been widely used since ancient times to remedy just about any ailment. Specifically it is frequently administered in breast enhancement creams and supplements because it contains certain compounds that promote breast tissue growth. In addition, Fenugreek is revered for its ability to ease menstrual and menopausal symptoms and increase milk production.

Fennel is second only to Fenugreek in its estrogenic tissue building properties. Fennel shares a similar story to Fenugreek but has also been frequently used as an aphrodisiac. It is also widely proclaimed for its breast enhancement abilities.

Is Herbal Breast Enhancement Behind Breast Enhancement Cream’s Success?

> Ancient Folk Medicine Secrets are Behind Breast Enhancement Cream’s Success.  Find out the Main Ingredients of Breast Enhancement Cream that Promised A Natural and Bigger Breast.

What are the main Ingredients of Breast Enhancement Cream that Promised A Natural and Bigger Breast.

Breast enhancement cream almost universally use herbs with deep roots in ancient tribal medicinal traditions to augment shape and size. There are several key ingredients that are present in any breast cream that is worth its price tag and others that are included in one product but perhaps not in another.

In one way or another, all of these herbs work to regenerate healthy breast tissue where time and other effects have caused the skin cells to weaken and collapse with sagging breasts the result. Estrogenic herbs mimic a puberty-like influx of estrogen to replenish and rejuvenate skin and tissue cells for a more healthy and youthful appearance that is fuller and firmer.

Among herbs known to have breast enhancing characteristics, Pueraria Mirifica tops the list.

Ancient Folk Medicine Secrets are Behind Breast Enhancement Creams Success

Medicine Secret that Promised A Larger and Natural Breast.

Pueraria Mirifica - Main Ingredient in Breast Enhancement Cream

Pueraria Mirifica

Wild Yam Root - Main Ingredient in Breast Enhancement Cream

Wild Yam Root

Fenugreek - Main Ingredient in Breast Enhancement Cream


Fennel - Main Ingredient in Breast Enhancement Cream


Vitamin E - Main Ingredient in Breast Enhancement Cream

Vitamin E

Black Cohosh Root - Main Ingredient in Breast Enhancement Cream

Black Cohosh Root

Blessed Thistle - Main Ingredient in Breast Enhancement Cream

Blessed Thistle Herb

Saw Palmetto - Main Ingredient in Breast Enhancement Cream

Saw Palmetto

When researching and purchasing a breast enhancement cream expect to see these main ingredients in most brands. But remember, each company’s product has a proprietary formula and usage of these ingredients will vary.

Black Cohosh Root stimulates hormonal levels and aids the entire breast enhancement process.  It has been used as an ancient medicine for more than two hundred years.  Black Cohosh Root is also a safe and effective alternative to estrogen replacement therapy for women who can not take estrogen replacement therapy for menopause.

Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and helps the body promote healthy cellular structures and is often called an age fighting vitamin. Watercress Leaf is one of the best sources of Vitamin E and for this reason it is not uncommon to run across the European perennial in breast enhancement cream ingredient lists.

Blessed Thistle Herb is another frequent ingredient that has estrogenic properties that are known far and wide. Blessed Thistle has been used to treat poor blood circulation and is considered one of the best known herbs for milk production. That is its chief use; however, the plant’s estrogenic properties have also made it popular in top breast enhancement cream programs.

Saw Palmetto has long been successfully used to treat medical conditions concerning the reproductive organs. But Saw Palmetto is also known to increase appetite, aid digestion and enlarge breasts and ovaries.

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Brestrogen Bust Serum stands out in a sea of breast enhancement creams with a unique formula that has been tested in several clinical trials. This high-end topical breast cream utilizes Mirofirm along with other high quality substances that have breast enlarging and anti-aging characteristics. Brestrogen Bust Serum mimics the effects of estrogen and increases the blood flow in the area which helps increase the breasts by allowing them to grow more a cup size or more in few weeks time of use.


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Breast Actives™

Total Curve™

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Breast Actives Cream draws from the Thai tradition of homeopathy for a topical cream that helps create larger, fuller breasts. This cream that is applied under and around the entire breast area draws on the time tested benefits of Pueraria Mirifica, an herb that is indigenous to Thailand. Breast Actives Cream is rated #1 Breast Enhancement Product. This product is worry free and relatively inexpensive in comparison to other alternatives.

Total Curve Breast Enhancement System is a two-part program that marries the rejuvenating and regenerating qualities of Total Curve Daily Supplement and Total Curve Lifting and Firming Cream.

Total Curve’s money-back guaranteed breast cream is an all-natural product that has been proven effective in increasing the fullness and size of breasts.

Best Breast Lifting and Firming Enhancement System.  

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